Track Star: SZA

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The Vibe: The 23-year old rapper from St. Louis started making music just a few years ago, and, hey, she’s already been signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. She’s like a female Miguel, with a hypnotizing voice and dark beats, and her style has a coolest-girl-at-recess mood.

The One-Song Intro: “Babylon”

The Look, Recreated: This jersey tee from T by Alexander Wang, a pair of leather gym shorts by Capulet, and some classic Cheap Monday canvas high-tops. —maitri mehta

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Track Star: Charlie Hilton of Blouse

The Vibe: On their sophomore album Imperium, Portland’s Blouse has moved away from the synth-pop of their debut (which was straight-up wonderful) toward something rawer, incorporating some fuzzy guitar and a cello here and there. Charlie Hilton, the band’s vocalist, dresses in a way that really sells this change of pace: Her look’s sweet, serene, and totally laid-back.

The One-Song Intro: “A Feeling Like This”

The Look, Recreated: This flowy Samantha Pleet dress, this chain necklace by Bones and Feathers Collective, and this dolman-sleeve sweatshirt from T by Alexander Wang. —maitri mehta

Head this way to get some more fresh material for your Spotify listening.

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Weather Vain: Dallas, Texas - 73 and Clear


This time last year, Claire and I were exploring Dallas, and we’re kind of itching to do it all over again—especially on a straight-up gorgeous day like this one. What we’d wanna wear! —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A denim moto jacket by Theyskens’ Theory—in case your shoulders get cold while eating tostadas de ceviche outside at La Calle Doce.

+ A T by Alexander Wang dress in a blush-y hue, inspired by Grange Hall's flower arrangements.

+ So slick, this Kelly Wearstler ring! It’ll fit right in at dinner at Tei-An.

+ A raffia bag, from Loeffler Randall, that’s totally ready for a happening summer.

+ The perfect Sicky shades for taking in the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

+ Shoes for showing off a Hiatus pedicure, c/o Opening Ceremony.

+ Collette Ishiyama earrings that would make all the fancy ladies shopping at Forty Five Ten swoon.

Got the travel bug? Us too.

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In Character: Lilly Kane




You know what this frigid winter weather is perfect for? Watching all of Veronica Mars. I mean, T minus not that many days ‘til the movie comes out, you guys! But don’t worry: Once you get going, it’ll take you no time at all to plow through it. You might not get any sleep, but you will know who killed that feisty Lilly Kane (A.K.A. Amanda Seyfried)—and that’s what’s important. —erica


A 3.1 Phillip Lim tee fit for a Neptune High pep squad fundraiser.


A T by Alexander Wang pink bikini—for wooing an 09er, a PCHer, and a movie star.


A prom dress from Haute Hippie that does NOT get the Celeste Kane seal of approval.

We know what you’re thinking: What about Logan? We got him covered, too.

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Next Level: Neoprene

Neoprene is not exactly an EASY material, so trying it is all is definitely taking a leap. But on the rainiest days, its slickness becomes even more tempting. Here, four ways to go that won’t make you feel like an extra in The Life Aquatic. —erica

LEVEL I: Phillip Lim's answer: Go with a belt. Put this on with the closest LBD, and you nail not only the neoprene thing but also the black-and-blue look.

LEVEL II: The color and fabric of this Tibi dress are tricky, but the so basic, super-flattering cut makes up for that big-time.

LEVEL III: Alexander Wang gives the bomber an extra hit of coolness—as if it needed the help.

LEVEL IV: Yes, there’s a lot going on here, but what if you pulled this Elizabeth & James floral situation on with a big, fluffy gray sweater? Now, there we go.

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Next Level: Skater Dresses

Yes, we’re aware that we’re in the midst of the summer Olympics, not the winner ones, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get our Michelle Kwan on. If the images above aren’t enlightenment enough, a skater dress is snug up top and full and flouncy starting at your natural waist—you know, so the skirt can really work a layback spin. —erica

LEVEL I: Nothing’s easier than this Whistles number. Total Saturday in the park.

LEVEL II: This cut can make things excessively girly in a hot second, but not under Olivier Theyskens’ watch (for Theory).

LEVEL III: The top of this T by Alexander Wang puppy gives it an even more athletic look.

LEVEL IV: This Three Floor dress has enough cut-outs and lace to keep even Oksana happy.

So much more “Next Level.” Come see!

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Of a Kind

We got to see Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada the other day—her latest edition here!—and she had this T by Alexander Wang dress on in navy. You know, for taking her dog Powwow on a neighborhood stroll. CHIC. —erica

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