Weather Vain: Paris, France - 52 With a Chance of Rain

Even when it’s rainy there, we’re itching to be in Paris. I mean, we aren’t fools. Here’s what we’d wanna be wearing if we were so lucky today. —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ A black Hope button-down that, with its asymmetrical hem, is so much more.

+ A glam Kelly Wearstler cuff that will make you even more bummed that you missed The Sporting Project's latest pop-up dinner series (a good reason to book another trip!).

+ The sort of easy necklace by Gabriela Artigas that won’t get in your way in the French Trotters fitting room.

+ This Gryphon trench will keep you dry..and motivated to make the walk to La Pâtisserie Des Rêves.

+ Nothing’s wrong with a little flash—especially in the form of these stroll-ready, Marais-friendly Dieppa Restrepo shoes.

+ Try not to empty this Clare Vivier wallet at Merci. Just do your best.

+ Iris & Ink leather pants the color of the wine that’s bound to fill your belly.

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