Weather Vain: Malibu, California - 77 and Clear


Let’s be honest: There’s no such thing as a bad day in Malibu. But today—well, this Monday is especially lovely. How to take advantage. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Raquel Allegra dress that will disappear right into the furniture at the aptly named Sunset restaurant.

+ Earrings, from Ursa Major, that you don’t have to take off for beach yoga.

+ Totally appropriate for an afternoon at the Getty Villa, this Lizzie Fortunato bracelet.

+ A sweater from Theyskens’ Theory, that, along with a glass of something red c/o Malibu Wine, is ideal for combatting any chilliness come nightfall.

+ Slides by The Palatines that have the same earthy-polished vibe that you’ll get at Malibu Beach Inn

Whoa, there’s a lot more of this. See it all.

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Weather Vain: Dallas, Texas - 73 and Clear


This time last year, Claire and I were exploring Dallas, and we’re kind of itching to do it all over again—especially on a straight-up gorgeous day like this one. What we’d wanna wear! —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A denim moto jacket by Theyskens’ Theory—in case your shoulders get cold while eating tostadas de ceviche outside at La Calle Doce.

+ A T by Alexander Wang dress in a blush-y hue, inspired by Grange Hall's flower arrangements.

+ So slick, this Kelly Wearstler ring! It’ll fit right in at dinner at Tei-An.

+ A raffia bag, from Loeffler Randall, that’s totally ready for a happening summer.

+ The perfect Sicky shades for taking in the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

+ Shoes for showing off a Hiatus pedicure, c/o Opening Ceremony.

+ Collette Ishiyama earrings that would make all the fancy ladies shopping at Forty Five Ten swoon.

Got the travel bug? Us too.

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Weather Vain: Joshua Tree, California - 54 and Partly Cloudy


Take a hike—we wish someone would tell us that today and that we’d get to jet west to chill with some Joshua trees and desert wildlife. Here’s what we’d wear after a morning making our way up Warren Peak. —erica

Clockwise from top left: 

+ A Topo Designs bag that can hold things that qualify as gear—and plenty of water.

+ An easy-to-slip-on cuff by Giles & Brother fit for fire-pitting with friends at the Mojave Sands Motel.

+ Theyskens’ Theory boots that are hardly hike-appropriate but can totally handle some bumpy terrain.

+ The sort of leather-accented denim shirt by Iro that will look approp at Crossroads Cafe.

+ A Leigh & Luca scarf—cause you know it’s gonna get cold when the sun goes down.

+ Rag & Bone camo pants that will blend right in with the cacti.

+ A poncho! Feels right, no? This cozy Vince one will make you want to troll the farmers’ market for dates (as in, the kind you eat) all day.

More weather-plus-destination dressing! Here!

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Next Level: Crazy Cords

Now that you’re well-acquainted with printed denim, corduroy wants its chance to go a little wild, too. And even though these four versions are plenty loud, their fall-fueled color schemes make them significantly less in-your-face than their summer cousins. —erica

LEVEL I: The rusty-brown and plum combo here makes these Theyskens’ Theory bad boys just a little more offbeat that a one-hue pair.

LEVEL II: Sure, they look a little Carnival. But you could tone down these Alice + Olivia cords in a snap with a black washed-silk shirt.

LEVEL III: Rag & Bone is itching to keep things bright. Embrace! And then throw on a worn-in leather jacket to cool it down.

LEVEL IV: This Etoile Isabel Marant pair has a tweed-like look that’s just screaming for a tuxedo jacket and a big ol’ necklace. 

Get more “Next Level” madness right over here!

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Next Level: Skater Dresses

Yes, we’re aware that we’re in the midst of the summer Olympics, not the winner ones, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get our Michelle Kwan on. If the images above aren’t enlightenment enough, a skater dress is snug up top and full and flouncy starting at your natural waist—you know, so the skirt can really work a layback spin. —erica

LEVEL I: Nothing’s easier than this Whistles number. Total Saturday in the park.

LEVEL II: This cut can make things excessively girly in a hot second, but not under Olivier Theyskens’ watch (for Theory).

LEVEL III: The top of this T by Alexander Wang puppy gives it an even more athletic look.

LEVEL IV: This Three Floor dress has enough cut-outs and lace to keep even Oksana happy.

So much more “Next Level.” Come see!

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