The Fixers: Designer-Approved (NYC!) Spots That Will Help You Keep Your Goods in Good Shape


If you’ve started investing in nice clothes and accessories—stuff that you plan to own for years and years—then you’ve probably got an issue on your hands: upkeep. But we’re here to help—well, more like some of our very in-the-know, discerning designers are. Here are the NYC spots a few of the pros rely on for maintenance. —erica


Brooklyn Denim Co. / 85 N. Third St., #101, Brooklyn (pictured above!)
“Not just for denim repairs, though they do an amazing job on even the most destroyed jeans! This is a full-service tailor for anything from shortening a skirt to taking in shoulders on a blazer. My studio is in the back of the store, so I’m definitely biased.” —Tara St James of Study

SHOE REPAIR (for Bags and Other Leather Goods, Too!)

Kim’s Shoe Repair / 566 Grand St., Brooklyn
“When you walk in, it is like going trough a time machine. This business has been there for decades, and they have some really cool-looking old machines. The cobbler is always smiling, and you can tell he really enjoys his craft. I’ve taken my favorite boots there more than three times to be resoled and once to have a hole on the top fixed, and he has never said ‘I think it’s time to let them go…’ even though they are clearly falling apart.” —Graciela Fuentes of Tirana Jewelry

North 11th Shoe Repair / 118 N. 11th Street, Brooklyn
“My go-to for any leather repair—shoes, handbags, etc. The owner’s name is Clever—I’m not kidding. And not only is he kind and patient and good at his job, he is also a sculptor. He saved me when I was in a jam and needed white leather for a photo shoot and couldn’t find any that was right. Clever painted my brown leather white for the photos. I love this guy.” —Nettie Kent


King Garment Care / 220 Sixth Ave., Manhattan
“This is Lizzie’s ultimate luxury. They’re pricey but the best; we take all good items here.” —Kathryn Fortunato of Lizzie Fortunato

Want some tips on taking care of your leather at home? Click here for some tips from the Hare+Hart girls.

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Gifted Program: Victorian All the Way

What do we think you should gift this season? Something Of a Kind—I mean, OBVIOUSLY. If you’re looking to double-down on the special, we’ve conjured up some stellar present pairings—our “Gifted Program,” if you will—that we’ll be serving up over the next couple weeks. (And ok, fine, if this doesn’t satiate you, we have a slew of ideas up in our Pinterest, too.) —erica 

The pairing: The mad-cool Victorian Governess Cuff that Tirana Jewelry made us ($130) + Wuthering Heights, Middlemarch, Great Expectations, or any of the other Victorian-era classics that Penguin packaged up so nicely ($22)

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Of a Kind

How killer is this cuff by Tirana Jewelry? It has kilos of Victorian charm but also a certain architectural quality about it that makes it endlessly intriguing (you know, to stare at when you maybe should be working?). Lots of scissor-related jokes to make here, but we’re going to stick to just one: In the words of Joey Gladstone, “CUT. IT OUT.” —erica

BUY / 40 of a kind / $130

Read more about the designer:

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+ On the only Mexican restaurants you should visit in NYC.

+ On the people and processes behind her Of a Kind edition.

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