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Emily McMaster’s daughter, Ruby, who’s now five, was the best-dressed little girl on the block: checked A-line dresses, striped cotton tees, little floral bloomers. In fact, Ruby looked so adorable in her duds that all the neighborhood moms—first in New York, and then in Salt Lake City—were constantly stopping her to ask where she scored them.

The answer: Emily made them herself, raiding flea markets for vintage patterns and quickly developing her own designs. In 2010, she decided it was about time to share the wealth, launching Mabo Kids, a line of classic, affordable clothing for girls and boys—all made from natural, organic materials by manufacturers in Utah and Colorado. If you’ve never gone shopping for children’s clothes before, this sort of thing is a super rarity. “It’s either $150 for a nice dress, or you’re stuck with something made with cheap polyester and covered with frills,” says Emily. “Which is not my style.”

These days, Emily’s outfitting two—Ruby’s sister Mabel arrived on the scene in 2009—and has plans to do what she can to take advantage of these baby-fat years, possibly adding some formalwear to the Mabo mix. “You know, kids grow up so fast,” says Emily, summing up her design philosophy. “You might as well put them in something cute.” —raquel laneri

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Weather Vain: Park City, Utah - 37 and Partly Cloudy

If you’re in Park City today…well, LUCKY YOU. Embrace the fact that it’s not nearly as cold as it could be—and tell JGL I say, “Heeeeeeeeeeeey.” —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ A silky Equipment shirt that adds polish to pretty much anything.

+ The sort of Hope boots itching for apres-ski (or -screening) action.

+ Ready for swag? This Love Mert tote is.

+ Lila Rice studs you can absolutely pass out in after a late night.

+ Ah, Isabel Marant does vaguely-Western so well.

+ Boy. by Band of Outsiders pants you can shove into boots easy-peasy—key.

+ Slip on this Kelly Weastler ring, and you’re read for dinner at Talisker.

+ …And add this Acne leather vest to make your way to Sky Lodge for drinks.

+ Collina Strada's solution to keeping your room key—and chapstick—close-at-hand.

+ A crazy-cozy, chill-preventing layer from Maiami.

+ A gem-print scarf from We Are Owls—in case the theater’s chilly during Kill Your Darlings, A.C.O.D., or Very Good Girls.

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