Couple Up: Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore


Ok, tell me: Doesn’t throwback Demi Moore look like she could front a band playing Knitting Factory in Williamsburg? ANYWAY, get a load of the Brat Pack couple—they were engaged in the eighties, even. —erica

Emilio Estevez: Common Projects loafers, a perfect white T-shirt from Billy Reid, and Incotex gray pants.

Demi Moore: Slouchy pants from Otte, an Everlane cardigan, and Warby Parker glasses.

Double down on your “Couple Up” over here.

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Weather Vain: Buenos Aires, Argentina - 80 and Mostly Cloudy


Most of us north of the equator are probably itching to go south right now, and where better than B.A.? Here’s what we’d be working if we were jetting to the Argentine capital right now. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ An Alexa Sofia scarf nearly as sweet as Nucha's baked goods.

+ A Black Crane top, as chilled-out as the lofts at Home Hotel

Pants—from Base Range—baggy enough for a healthy portion of grass-fed beef at La Brigada.

+ An Elizabeth Knight necklace game for some Palermo Soho shoppin’ time.

+ Shades, by Warby Parker, for strolling Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays.

+ The sort of Rag & Bone vest you should always toss in a carry-on.

+ A made-in-Argentina bag from the talented ladies of Hare+Hart.

Loeffler Randall shoes that can handle a really, really late night.

Whoa, there’s more “Weather Vain!” Have at it.

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Weather Vain: Denver, Colorado - 95 and Partly Cloudy


You know what is mile-high about this city today? The temperatures. Here’s how to cope with some steaminess in CO. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ TOMTOM earrings, as shiny as the coins coming out of the Denver Mint.

+ A 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that’s breezy enough for a (nighttime) stroll around LoDo.

+ These Warby Parker aviators + a humungo Novo Coffee iced latte = a recipe to beat the heat.

+ Kenzo sandals as upbeat as the vibe at Lucile’s. Mmm…po’boy lunch.

+ A frieda&nellie bracelet that’s ready to do late-night dins at The Squeaky Bean.

+ A little Eayrslee wallet with just enough cash for a pint of Crooked Stave beer.

Get more “Weather Vain!” Do it!

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Weather Vain: Dallas, Texas - 82 and Partly Cloudy


This week, we’re headed to TX. When we land, it’ll feel more like spring than summer, but here’s what we’d want to wear if we were hanging around Big D today. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ An Acne shirt ladylike enough for perusing the racks at Forty Five Ten.

+ The sort of Iacoli & McAllister necklace that perfectly suits the up-n-coming Dallas Design District.

+ Paige jeans, ready for a long night of margs at Mattito’s.

+ Slim little Elizabeth and James flats fit for a stroll on Katy Trail.

+ Warby Parker shades as classic as the downtown Neiman’s.

So much more “Weather Vain” to be had over here.

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The Insider: Jen Rubio


Jen Rubio spends her days as Warby Parker's social media guru, but when she’s out of the office, she’s probably out of town. The supremely stylish frequent flier globetrots so often that her Delta status is one we’ve never even heard of. Don’t worry, though: You can always find her @jennifer in the Twitterverse—yah, check-out that first-name-handle radness. —carlye wisel

Q: When you’re on a trip, do you always find yourself buying a certain thing as a souvenir?
A: I am actually old-school, and I write postcards every single place I go. One of my friends has postcards from, like, 30 different countries from me on her fridge. My thing: Whatever the picture is on the postcard, I write it there.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing on your bookshelf?
A: The most embarrassing is probably that I don’t even have a bookshelf right now because I move so much. The actual only bookshelf I have in my apartment is a print of “The Ideal Bookshelf” hanging up. It’s the fashion one. I do read! Books are hard to pack!

Q: If you could have access to anyone’s wardrobe, whose would you pillage?
A: Miroslava Duma. She’s amazing. We’re also both 5-feet-tall, so everything would already be hemmed! I mean, I could say Taylor Tomasi-Hill, but then I’d have to fuck around with a tailor. So, nope! I could just put on Miroslava’s pants and be fine. She’s one of those people who gets a bob, and then I’m like “OH, I’m gonna get a bob!”

Q: Does the bob work out?
A: No! Never! No one ever sees a bob on a celebrity and gets one and has it work out. It just doesn’t work. This is probably my most embarrassing beauty-related story: I have a very round face, and I saw some celebrity with a bob. I got it, and it looked so bad—so atrocious that the next day I sat in a chair for 11 hours and got a weave.

Q: What?!
A: My deepest, darkest secret is that I had a weave! It’s really expensive because it’s real hair. I know a lot about weaves. I literally walked into this place and was like, “I need long hair.” It takes a long time—they put hundreds of strands in your hair. I guess you could do those Jessica Simpson clip-ins, but…no. If I’m getting a weave, I’m going all-out!

Q: You own a slew of Of a Kind editions.
A: Yeah! In the beginning, I had maybe seven out of their first ten editions. I have all of the Claire Vivier ones, and I have all the Erica Weiner stuff—I’m very loyal to my Of a Kind designers. I actually have a crazy Of a Kind story. I bought the very first hat Annie Larson did, and I was so excited. I worked at this agency and told everyone, “Guys! Only 25 people have this hat, it’s amazing!” And a week later, my co-worker Kyle’s like, “Oh, I saw someone with your hat on the train.” And I was like, “No you didn’t! I’m telling you, only 25 people have it.” And he goes, “No, I swear! I took a picture for you, since I know you’re obsessed with that hat!” And he shows me this picture of this girl, and I lost it. I was like “Oh my god, you’re my hat twin!”—of course not even thinking that Of a Kind’s early customers all lived in New York. I had a blog at that point, and I posted this girl’s picture on my blog and blocked out her face. And a girl comments on my blog, “Oh my god, that’s my sister!” and e-mail introduces me to her sister. We never actually met up, but this girl lived in Brooklyn, she had the same hat, and we’re like, hat soulmates.

Get to know more peeps we think are right over here!

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Occupy a Yurt

Oh, what’s this? Just Claire workin’ out of our yurt at the Warby Parker Spectacle Bazaar. We commissioned glasses cases from The Hill-Side, Dusen Dusen, Manimal, and Fort Makers for the occasion and asked Annie Larson of ALL Knitwear to make a fresh run of limited-edition knit hats—all only available from our temporary set-up at 45 Grand Street in NYC that the peeps behind the schmazing glasses company let us take over. COME SEE US. We’re here all week. —erica

Warby Parker Spectacle Bazaar, 12-8p through January 8, 45 Grand St. between Thompson and West Broadway

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Filtered: Lasses in Glasses

Latest obsession: The Warby Parker Holiday Spectacle Bazaar. This pic was taken at the opening party for the space, which is holding down 45 Grand Street in Manhattan until January 8. There are a lot of things we could tell you to convey its coolness, but we’ll give you just this: There are yurts. Yup, plural. Claire (right) is wearing the Owens from the ridiculously amazing eyeglass line—she promptly purchased them (more here)—and I am an eye exam away from buying the Begleys (those are the Tenleys pictured here—there was a lot of trying on, ok?). We’d encourage you to make your way to the space, stat—Best Made Co. is selling axes and other bits of wonderfulness out of one of the yurts this week, and little ol’ Of a Kind will be doing a guest spot the first week of January. Put it in the cal. —erica

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Claire’s 10 (Okay, 11) Favorite Consumption (Okay One Was a Gift) Decisions of 2011

Erica didn’t want me to feel left out of the grand tradition of year-end list writing, so she kindly invited me to join in on the fun of telling you about my favorite acquisitions of 2011. The guidelines were simple: I had to narrow it down to the ten best things I purchased between January and December of 2011. I obviously broke rules all over the place. She put me in timeout for it but still made me finish writing the post as additional punishment. —claire

1) I gave one of my best dramatic performances of all time in 1992 on the day the school nurse told me I needed glasses. Turns out I wasn’t overreacting: It’s taken me 20 years to finally locate a pair that looks good on me: the Owen in Chestnut from Warby Parker.
2) I obviously own a lot of things we sell on the site (and wear them in heavy rotation), but this is the one piece that only comes off to get in the shower, go to bed, or go for a run. The Dream Collective Sunset Wave Cuff is the VIP at my permanent arm party.

3) The Rachel Nasvik Pheobe is one of those magical bags that doesn’t look that big but somehow manages to fit my entire life in it. Other things you might not be able to tell from looking at it: It’s absurdly well constructed, the leather is downright luxurious and weathers like a champ, and it has a gorgeous royal blue lining.

4) I realized at some point this year that I couldn’t remember the last book or movie I’d actually finished. It’s totally not okay for email to be my (or anybody’s) primary form of content consumption. Enter the Apple TV + Kindle.

5) 2011 is the year I started accessorizing with colored bras. You don’t realize how often your bra straps show until you start wearing them in unexpected colors like turquoise and coral. Cosabella is the younger sister line of La Perla—a little bit funkier, a lotta bit cheaper—and they just opened up their first NY store on Lafayette.

6) I moved into a new apartment in May. Trying to find an attractive rug for under $200 seemed like a total pipe dream until Erica let me in on a secret: Cow hide rugs are actually relatively inexpensive (and an animal by-product!).

7) Until I can afford a real live one, Fancy Hands is my personal assistant via email—they’ll track down refunds, make sure airline miles don’t expire, and complete pretty much any other hive-inducing task on your list that can be done via computer or phone.

8) For those of us who are just far enough left-of-lazy to get up and go for a run every morning but not nearly far enough left of it to fit in a good stretch, too—your calves and achilles tendons will thank you for giving them a good rubdown with ”The Stick”.

9) If you follow me on Instagram, you know I wear my Ace & Jig  flannel pocket racerback pretty much every day. It’s super-soft and the perfect layering piece—”a nod to the crisp Seattle weather.”

10) My immersion blender wasn’t actually a purchase—Erica gifted it to me and in doing so opened up a whole new world of homemade soups, salad dressings, and quick and simple smoothies for when my blender is otherwise occupied (or dirty).

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Of a Kunst: Our Party-Going Correspondent Does Halloween

Sarah Kunst's personal tagline: I probably met you at a party. She goes to a lot of them and throws a lot of them. She knows how to curate a guest list and work a room—and is the perfect combination of articulate and judge-y to parlay all of her experience into an advice column for those of us who sometimes fall asleep on the couch to FNL marathons. Or, as she’d put it, she’s doing us a favor.

Q: I have a Halloween date—fourth date to be exact. What costume do I wear to avoid a possible walk of shame while dressed in full costume regalia? I want to look cute but respectable!

A: Sexual politics aside, when you crawl out of some dude’s bed and hoof it home at 10a dressed as a sexy bumblebee, there ain’t no pride in that stride. Avoid becoming a total Halloween cliche by planning ahead.

A good Halloween costume requires two things: a culturally relevant theme and more skin than you’d normally show. Think of it this way: The cuter you are now, the more likely you’ll land the cover of “ 25th Anniversary Edition.”

Three months ago when looking for costume inspiration, I would have said, “Sultry horsemaning!” But that’s so last meme. Now, it’s all about Waldobombing-gone-sexy. The things to wear:

Clockwise from top left:

+ Who wears short shorts? Waldo wears (One Teaspoon) short shorts.

+ Warby Parker's Fillmore glasses are both hipster-chic and Waldo-approved.

+ Thomas Sires's sweet striped Evelyne shirt is one of only 22 in the world, so you're sure to be a rare find.

+ And to keep the not-so-nice theme going: Charlotte Olympia CFM shoes. By night, they read “bad girl,” and by day, they say, “What! I’m short!”

No need to thank us for saving your dignity. —sarah

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The Insider: Chris Paik

Chris Paik is an investor at Thrive Capital—a company that’s funded ridiculously rad companies like Warby Parker, GroupMe, and Kickstarter. He’d like you to know that the gig doesn’t make every day a suit-and-tie kind affair (though there are plenty of those too). And we’d like you to know that it’s perfectly normal to feel some major hair envy. jiayi

Q: Do you think you’re the only VC who owns a Rick Owens jacket?

A: There’s a high probability. It’s a winter jacket and an absolute staple in my wardrobe. I haven’t worn it in a while, but once the weather gets a bit colder, it’s going to make an appearance.

Q: I hear you wear a lot of start-up T-shirts.

A: I do. I really like my Reddit T-shirt. I also have a ton of Vostu shirts, which is a company that Josh [Kushner, founder of Thrive Capital] started. Any shirts printed on American Apparel 50/50 tend to be my favorite.

Q: What’s one piece worth an investment? [Ed: Heh.]

A: For a guy, a good winter jacket—it’s perfectly acceptable to wear the same thing, day-in and day-out. For a girl, a purse.

Q: How do you wear your Nikolai Rose tie bar from Of a Kind?

A: My formal wardrobe is pretty standard—so with a black tie, a white shirt, and a black suit. Classic.

Q: What’s something happening in the NYC start-up scene that you’re excited about?

A: There’s a really cool fashion show happening soon—it’s called Raise Cache, and it benefits hackNY, a non-profit organization that helps educate computer-science majors and programmers in New York. All the proceeds from the show go to the program, and a number of really cool start-ups like Birchbox and Rent the Runway are involved—I think Of a Kind is part of it, too. [Ed: It’s true.] 

We’ve got more Insiders to keep you going, right this way.

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