Weather Vain: Charleston, South Carolina - 81 and Partly Cloudy


The weather’s starting to turn in NYC, but in Charleston? Definitely still walking-down-King-Street-in-sandals temps. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A minimalist Miranda Bennett that’ll earn appreciative nods from the guys at the cool-dude shop Indigo & Cotton.

+ A pair of simple slides from The Palatines—for shuffling around Heirloom Bookshop, prettiest cookbook store imaginable.

+ To keep the sun out of your eyes on the roof of The Vedue: this Rag & Bone visor.

+ A 10 Crosby Derek Lam skirt that’s WAY ready for an oyster-fueled meal at The Ordinary.

+ Alynne Lavigne earrings the color of High Wire’s sorghum whiskey.

+ A slick, silver clutch by Baggu that’s ready for any ol’ thing.

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Weather Vain: Boise, Idaho - 79 and Clear


Can you believe this weather in Idaho right now? Oh, boy…see. —erica

+ Tiny ruby Blanca Monros Gomez earrings, as classic as a PB and honey sandwich from Bleubird.

+ A 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that really takes advantage of this shockingly warm October weather.

+ A ring, from Artasan, that would look stellar cozying up to a fork and diving into the tasting menu at State & Lemp.

+ Ready for a stroll around Camel’s Back Park? Because these Ash boots are.

+ A Clare V. clutch that’s, well, clutch in most every situation.

+ Shades from Cheap Monday—so you can check out all the happenings in Hyde Park.

There’s a whole lot more where this came from!

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Weather Vain: Seattle, Washington - 64 With a Chance of Rain


The weather in Seattle today is very…Seattle-y. Here’s how to dress for it. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ Some freakin’ awesome Rachel Comey rain boots—so that the forecast doesn’t keep you from exploring Olympics Sculpture Park.

+ A Cook & Gates tote—in case you stumble upon something you can’t pass up at Totokaelo.

+ Skinny sweatpants from Rag & Bone that you should probably never travel without again.

+ An Apiece Apart sweater as minimalist and perfect as the decor at Bar Sajor.

+ What’ll put a smile on your face as fast as a scoop of melted chocolate ice cream from Molly Moon’s? This Bing Bang cuff.

+ A blue braided Aurelie Bidermann bracelet—to compensate if the sky’s gray all day long.

Whoa, so much more “Weather Vain” over here.

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Weather Vain: Minneapolis, Minnesota - 69 and Clear


Last week, Claire and I went to Minneapolis. We love ourselves a Midwest work trip—and, somehow, I’d never been to MN. So, my question is, when do I get to go back? —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A ring by Kelly Wearstler that makes any outfit, really.

+ A Veda jacket that would be a total hit on the Target campus.

+ A wallet from Eayrslee with the sort of no-nonsense design the crew at The Foundry Home Goods would appreciate.

+ This Dealtry scarf + dinner outside at Borough before nice weather’s a thing of the past = a G.D. perfect night.

+ A Tibi dress that’s as cheery as the (amazing) cloud wallpaper at Marvel Bar.

+ Dream boots, really, from Loeffler Randall.

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Weather Vain: Varmouth, Maine - 66 and Partly Cloudy


You know what’s beautiful this time of year? I’ll bet you can guess. Here’s how to make the most of a fall-ish day in Vacationland. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Current/Elliott jacket that feels juuuust a little seafaring. 

+ Totally possible to shove this Eayrslee wallet in a pocket—so you don’t get weighed down on a hike.

+ The perfect silk top from Joseph. (Right?!)

+ Oh, this Aesa bracelet definitely wants to head to Gather for dinner—mussels in saffron broth!

+ Atelier Delphine pants—with a stretchy waistband so that you can definitely order two scoops from Maple’s Organics.

+ The perfect Proud Mary shoes for this transitionary weather.

If you want more travel ideas, we got ‘em.

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Weather Vain: Toronto, Canada - 72 and Clear


The Toronto International Film Festival is underway! Here’s what to wear if you’re exploring the town SLASH watching movies all day. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A surprisingly comfy By Malene Birger skirt—because elastic waistbands make theater seats a whole lot better.

+ Garrett Leight shades, so you get mistaken for a celebrity.

+ The sort of bracelet, by Giantlion, that you should pack for every trip.

+ A tote from The Stowe with plenty of room for chocolate-y snacks c/o Soma.

+ Loose and breezy—this Organic by John Patrick shirt is totally cool with you gorging on Campagnolo's wild mushroom pappardelle.

+ Rachel Comey mules that can handle a little shopping on Ossington Ave.

More of this “Weather Vain” thing! Lots more!

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Weather Vain: Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California - 87 and Partly Cloudy


We were in L.A. last week, and you know the one thing we don’t like about that place? Leaving. Wah. Here’s a getup that’s itching to head to all of our right-off-the-101 haunts. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Kieley Kimmel top ready to hit the boutiques around The Junction.

+ A piece of cool-girl fine jewelry from the L.A. sisters behind Gabriela Artigas.

Proud Mary loafers comfy enough to stand in line at Sqirl.

Damir Doma culottes that are ready to catch any breeze that comes their way.

+ A Job & Boss wallet-slash-clutch that won’t weigh you down at L&E Oyster Bar.

Head here for a whole lot more “Weather Vain.”

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Weather Vain: Aspen, Colorado - 79 and Clear


If you’ve ever been to Colorado in the summer, you know that people who see this only as ski-bum country are totally missing out. And Aspen in August? Less fur, more fresh mountain air. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A silk top from Alexander Wang that would look totally right hanging in a suite at The Little Nell.

Blanca Monrós Gómez earrings that deliver a little “Aspenglow” (« John Denver shout-out!).

+ Slipping into these K.Jacques wedges and heading off to Peach’s for bfast = the ideal way to start the day.

+ This Suno skirt feels Frenchie enough for trout almondine at Brexi, right?

+ An Eayrslee wallet you can slip into a backpack when hiking Lost Man Loop.

+ A Tarin Thomas ring that would look pretty sweet flipping pages at Explore Booksellers—a local institution for sure.

Get away with us. All kinds of “Weather Vain” here and now.

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Weather Vain: Bozeman, Montana - 90 and Clear


Not to get all Dixie Chicks on you or anything, but this time of year makes us yearn for wide-open spaces. Like, say, Montana, with all that National Park-ness…and lack of population density. Here’s how to embrace a day in Bozeman. —erica

+ A bangle from K/LLER that feels completely appropriate for a night at Plonk Wine Bar.

+ The ideal Ancient Greek sandals to slip on after hiking the M.

+ An Acne dress that’s plenty loose—in case you go hard at Granny’s Gourmet Donuts.

+ Cowboy poetry?! If you score some at Country Bookshelf, this AANDD bag has room.

+ Ahlem shades to take in all those Big Sky views.

More of this! Lots more! Here.

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Weather Vain: Malibu, California - 77 and Clear


Let’s be honest: There’s no such thing as a bad day in Malibu. But today—well, this Monday is especially lovely. How to take advantage. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Raquel Allegra dress that will disappear right into the furniture at the aptly named Sunset restaurant.

+ Earrings, from Ursa Major, that you don’t have to take off for beach yoga.

+ Totally appropriate for an afternoon at the Getty Villa, this Lizzie Fortunato bracelet.

+ A sweater from Theyskens’ Theory, that, along with a glass of something red c/o Malibu Wine, is ideal for combatting any chilliness come nightfall.

+ Slides by The Palatines that have the same earthy-polished vibe that you’ll get at Malibu Beach Inn

Whoa, there’s a lot more of this. See it all.

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